Two Years of Better Returns for Lenders of All Ages!

On February 28, Carilend celebrated its 2nd birthday! Over the past two years, we have achieved some significant milestones:


1) Our Lenders are earning BETTER RETURNS - currently an average of 8.06%.

2) Over $9,000,000 has been invested from Lenders of all sizes, from $2,500 to $700,000+.

3) To ensure that our loan quality has maintained at a high level, we only approve Borrowers who are creditworthy. In fact, we decline the majority of loan applications we receive. The current average decline rate is approximately 73%.

4) To that extent, our loan default position remains less than 1% and now stands at 0.66%.

5) Our 5-year projection for default loans is 4.25%, and currently, our cash cover in a Reserve Fund covers this amount by 153%. This fund is available to repay Lenders should a Borrower not be able to repay his/her loan. The Reserve Fund grows with every loan approved.


All of this could not have been accomplished without our amazing Lenders! Have you ever wondered who is investing through Carilend? Well, we have a wide range of Lenders! Our youngest Lender is 21 years old, our oldest Lender is 84 years old, and as you can see in the chart below, we have a pretty equal split across all age categories!

Not only does our investment process cater to all ages, but we also cater to all investment sizes. Our recommended minimum investment is $2,500 for a well-diversified portfolio. The average investment is currently $28,645. Finally, there's no cap on the maximum investment size.


We trust that this information has been helpful. ​If you are ready to start earning BETTER RETURNS, please click here. If you’d like more information, we are always happy to help via phone 537-4040 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..