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We are Hiring! Country Head Jamaica

Carilend will be continuing to grow ra[pidly its consumer lending platform in Jamaica in 2023 in partnership with VM Group We...


Audit of Reserve Fund 2021

We had previously committed to an audit of our Reserve Fund, client funds and loan performance to give Lenders...


Two Years of Better Returns for Lenders of All Ages!

On February 28, Carilend celebrated its 2nd birthday! Over the past two years, we have achieved some significant milestones:...


Why Do We Need Your Banking Details?

We hear it all the time... “Why do you need my banking details? That’s personal information. What’s that for?...


5 Reasons to Start Investing in Your 20s

For many young adults, like myself, the idea of investing and/or saving for the future seems out of reach....

Four Things Carilend Doesn’t Spend Money On

Four Things Carilend Doesn’t Spend Money On

We get asked all the time - how is it possible that you can pay such high interest rates...