Welcome to Carilend, Craig Stephen!

We are very pleased to welcome Craig Stephen to the Carilend Team! Craig will be our Jamaica Country Head and will be responsible for the growth and development of our Jamaica business and ensuring that our customers get a great experience each and every time. 


Mark Young, Carilend’s CEO and Co-Founder, said “We are delighted to welcome Craig to the Carilend Team. He will be driving forward the launch and growth of our expansion into Jamaica, a task for which he is ideally suited having been instrumental in the start up and growth of a technology-driven financial services company in Jamaica. Along with our partners at VMBS, we look forward to Craig and Carilend Jamaica bringing the great customer experience Carilend is known for in Barbados to Jamaican consumers soon.”


Prior to joining Carilend, Craig was the CEO and Co-Founder of Jamaica’s first licensed credit bureau. With over ten years in management, he has accrued valuable experience across a range of institutions in the Financial Services sector, working in Commercial Banks, Credit Unions and Credit Bureaus, and we look forward to benefiting from his skills and knowledge.


Of course, Craig is just as excited as we are to be on board the Carilend Team and bring online lending to Jamaica. He commented, “Jamaica is sorely lagging behind in the FinTech arena and highlighted even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, where traditional businesses scrambled to move their products and services online, scrambled to leverage technology and scrambled to create remote working conditions. Carilend, being one of the premier FinTech organisations in the Caribbean with all of its products and services online, is perfectly poised to take advantage of those conditions. I look forward to pioneering a new way of accessing financial services in Jamaica, while leading a flexible and innovative team aimed at delivering products and services catering to the needs of today and tomorrow.”


Carilend will soon be launching its online lending service in Jamaica. In late 2019, Victoria Mutual Investments Limited (VMIL) acquired a 30% stake in Carilend. This partnership represents the perfect match of a new agile FinTech with a storied financial institution that has a clear vision for the future. Carilend has been operating in Barbados for 3 years and has already approved over 1700 loans for over BBD$30Million to happy Barbadians.