Audit of Reserve Fund 2021

We had previously committed to an audit of our Reserve Fund, client funds and loan performance to give Lenders comfort that Carilend is managing investor funds prudently, accurately and properly. In line with the UK and international standards, that audit confirms that all monies held reconcile with the company's records and are properly accounted for. Our auditors, Grant Thornton Ltd., have finished the audit of the Reserve Fund. It is our pleasure to share this report with you now. You can view the report below. 

We are very pleased that this report has confirmed that Carilend is accurately accounting for clients' monies and accurately reporting the performance of our Lenders’ loans, the Reserve Fund and coverage levels provided.

One thing that you may notice that differs from our previously reported figures is the percentage of Default Loans which is now somewhat lower than the numbers previously reported. The report provides the percentage of Defaulted Loans to the overall Loan portfolio after reimbursements from the Reserve Fund (i.e. the net balance the Lenders are owed after refunds already received from the fund). We have been reporting a higher percentage that was the balance still owed by the Borrowers. In other words, it included the amount already reimbursed to Lenders. Please note that going forward we will be reporting the lower, more precise, percentage for the Defaulted Loans after reimbursements from the Reserve Fund.

As you know, to date, all late payments on all Defaulted Loans have been reimbursed from the Reserve Fund, and Lenders have received all their expected principal and interest repayments. However, Defaulted Borrowers are still required to bring their loans up to date, and all monies recovered from these Borrowers (if any) will go back into the Reserve Fund to top it back up.

We plan to repeat this audit process on a regular basis in the future and we will keep you updated with copies of those reports. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at any time.