Flexible Investing

Investing your money in Peer to Peer loans is a very flexible way to build toward your investment goals. We provide you with the tools and the options to decide how and when to lend your money. We make it easy to understand what choices to make about your money, when you will get it back and what returns you will earn. With a few easy clicks, you select all of the terms on which you will lend.

Choose Your Term

You choose how long to lend your money. Through Carilend, Borrowers can apply for loans from 1 year to 5 years. The loans are grouped into two categories, 12 - 36 Months and 42 - 60 Months.

Every Borrower we approve for a loan will be creditworthy, good with their money and able to repay their loan. We will assign them an overall Risk Grade of A, B or C to reflect their relative levels of risk.

Risk Grade A loans will be the very highest quality Borrowers with the highest ability to repay. They will pay lower interest rates and Lenders will earn lower returns. Risk Grade C loans, whilst still creditworthy and responsible Borrowers, will be a higher level of risk. They will pay higher interest rates on their loans and Lenders will earn higher returns.

You will make your choice for Term using our simple Lending Preferences tool. Your funds will then be matched to every loan in that term until all of your funds have been lent out. 

Getting Your Money Back

You decide when and how to get your money back. You can watch your money grow faster by compounding your returns. Every month as your loans get repaid, you can automatically reinvest your principal repayments and interest earned, and you can get enhanced returns by compounding your money.

Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw your monthly loan repayments and/or interest earned instead of reinvesting them in new loans. Just switch off the automatic reinvestment options and your loan repayments will be applied to your Carilend account. You can withdraw them at any time by giving us an instruction to make a payment to your bank account.

If you want your money back early before the loans are fully repaid, you can sell your loans to other Lenders and get a lump sum or all of your money back. You just need to tell us how much you want back, and we will automatically sell enough loans to cover the amount. The loans can be sold as long as there are other Lenders to take your place in the loans, the loans have received at least one repayment and the loan is not late or in arrears/default.

We cannot guarantee there will always be other Lenders willing to take over your loans but we will always endeavor to find a match for your request as quickly as possible. We will charge a small fee, typically 1% of the amount of the loans you want to redeem early, to cover the cost of matching your loans to other Lenders.

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