Enhance Your Returns

We use technology specifically designed for Peer to Peer lending to remove layers of cost from the lending and borrowing processes. We cut out the middleman and pass those savings directly on to you, the Lenders, to enhance your returns.

We put the decision in your hands as to how you want to lend your money to get the right balance of risk and return for your money. Using our simple tools, you choose how long you want to lend your money for and how much you want to lend to any one Borrower. Interest rates on new loans will vary from time to time as market conditions change. We will always publish our most up-to-date rates so that you can always know what you will earn on new loans you put your money into. 

Barbados $ Lender Rates Term of Loans Invested Into
Loan Grade 12-36 Months 42-60 Months
A 4.9% 5.6%
B 6.3% 7.0%
C 7.7% 8.4%
All rates are nominal, annual interest rates after expected losses on money lent out and before taxes. If required by local laws and regulations, withholding and other taxes will be applied. You will be provided with a statement to enable you to complete your tax returns and declarations.

No Fees for Lenders!

There are no fees for Lenders when you lend through Carilend! If you leave your money invested in the loans until they are fully repaid, there are no fees for Lenders. Your payments of principal and interest will be paid into your account, and you choose whether to reinvest these funds or withdraw them when needed.

The only time we will charge you a fee is if you want your money back early before the loan is fully repaid. Then we will charge a small fee for matching your loans to other Lenders in order to get your money back to you.

Say you invested in 5 year loans, and these loans are being well repaid by your Borrowers. After 2 years, you have an urgent need to get your money back. You can withdraw your money early by selling your loans, subject to the loans being in good standing and there being other Lenders willing to buy your loans. We will charge a small fee, typically 1% of the amount of the loans you want to redeem early, to cover the cost of matching your loans to other Lenders.

Lending Directly to Borrowers

Once your money has been matched with Borrowers, it is lent at a fixed rate for the duration of each loan contract with each Borrower. If you choose to reinvest the repaid principal and/or interest then as your money is repaid back by the Borrower, it will be relent at the prevailing market rates for new loans at that time. This means the rate you get on new loans will always match the latest rates available in the market.

Direct lending also means you have a loan contract directly with each Borrower. The rate in each contract is fixed for the term of the loan, which can vary from 1 year to 5 years. This means the rate you earn on your money from your loans is not tied to the performance of the overall Carilend loan book or Carilend’s own business performance. It is also not tied to the performance of any other loan or group of loans.

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