What is P2P?

Connects Lenders

Connects Lenders

Directly with

Directly with


Peer to Peer lending connects people who want to invest money (Lenders) directly with people who want a loan (Borrowers). By using technology to reduce costs, we are able to pass on the savings to give better returns for Lenders and better rates for Borrowers.

Carilend’s role is to act as the platform to bring the parties together. We apply a very stringent level of screening on all prospective Borrowers to ensure only those who pass our strict criteria, are good with their money and can afford it are approved for loans.

Our platform then matches those approved Borrowers with Lenders who have selected how long they want to lend for and at what interest rates. Lenders' money is split into small chunks and spread over many Borrowers and many loans, which diversifies the risk for Lenders. Each small chunk is paired with other small chunks in order to fully fund each individual loan.

After that, our platform takes care of collecting every loan repayment and splitting it up between all the Lenders who have contributed chunks to each loan. The platform also provides a full statement of what’s going on to every Lender and Borrower.

Why Choose P2P?

Peer to Peer lending cuts out the middleman and provides a better deal, more flexibility and better service to Lenders and Borrowers.

The Investor's Choice

Carilend has brought Peer to Peer lending to the Caribbean for the first time. We have made the process of investing simple through our quick and easy online process. Investing through Carilend is flexible as you have full control over your funds. Carilend also provides better returns by using state-of-the-art technology, cutting out the middleman and passing our savings directly onto Lenders. Find out more about why you should invest through Carilend by watching this video or click on the link below to get started right away!


Enhance Your Returns

By using technology to reduce costs, we are able to pass on the savings as better returns to our Lenders and lower rates to our Borrowers. We also use technology to provide the tools you need to select how to lend your money.

Having reviewed the information on how Peer to Peer lending works and how we manage the risks for you, our tools will allow you to decide how to invest your money in Peer to Peer loans.

There are no fees for Lenders! If you leave your money invested in the loans until they are fully repaid there are no fees for Lenders. The only time we will charge you any fee is if you want your money back early before the loan is fully repaid.

Click on the link below to find out the current rates and options.


Managing Risks

We have employed a multilayered approach to manage risks for our Lenders. From diversifying your money by spreading it across many Borrowers and loans to our meticulous assessment of every Borrower, we have built a robust system to assess and manage all the risks.

If something should still go wrong with a Borrower and/or a loan, we have implemented the Reserve Fund to protect against missed payments and defaults. 

Whenever and wherever you are investing your money, it is important to understand the risks involved. Find out more by clicking on the following link.


Flexible Investing

Investing in Peer to Peer loans is a very flexible way to build your money toward your goals. You select the terms and the amount of risk you want to take by using our easy-to-understand tools.

You can start lending in small amounts and continue to add to your investments as your understanding and confidence grows. You can add money whenever you want.

You can also watch your money grow faster by compounding your returns. Every month as your loans to Borrowers are repaid, you can automatically reinvest your returns and get the compounding effect on your returns.

You decide when you get your money back. You can choose to withdraw your monthly loan repayments instead of reinvesting them in new loans. Alternatively, if you want your money back early before the loan is fully repaid, you can sell your loans to other Lenders and get a lump sum or all of your money back.

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